Custom Production

We don’t believe that a single solution works for everyone. We do believe in delivering your message in a way that works best for your culture and environment and meets (or exceeds!) your objectives.

PCG SolutionsPCG Solutions utilizes the latest in video technology. is ready to film your video message on-site at one of your locations or we can arrange a professional studio or custom location to suit your needs. Often, the most effective communicators may be your own employees, either talking directly to other employees or acting out scenes to deliver a message. At other times, professional talent is desired to bring a unique acting or voice-over element to the presentation.

Our team will first:

  • Develop the concept
  • Story-board the most relevant ideas
  • Identify the deliverables
  • Write the script
  • Audition professional talent and/or direct and coach your employees to participate

Then, using state of the art equipment, we will:

  • Shoot the video on location
  • Edit the presentation, adding graphics, sound effects, and imagery
  • Duplicate and distribute the final product