Video Production

Deliver the most impact through video.

Our professionals and guidance will help craft your message.

PCG Solutions knows that video provides a way to convey and reinforce messages to associates at all levels of your organization. Many surveys show that video is preferred by a margin of six to one over printed text. This is evidenced by YouTube where 35 hours of video is uploaded every minute. This popularity is attributed to reaching the audience through solid story-telling, good humor, or strong emotions. The best videos showcase all three.

Video training provides distinct advantages:


Video training can be used as a stand-alone training program, such as a new hire video, or it can be a supplement to a poster, table talker, or guide. Video can also help establish a closer, more personal relationship with employees by adding a face and personality to corporate communications. This is especially true for larger corporations with stores located in many locations. Another benefit is that everyone sees exactly the same content on the training message.

Increased Productivity

Video has the ability to communicate large amounts of detailed information in a condensed form. For instance, a new hire orientation video can allow an associate to receive immediate instruction on loss prevention policies and procedures in a much shorter time period than reading a manual. Video can eliminate or reduce confusion and questions that may arise if a training message is just written or spoken.


Distribution options have expanded the practicality and viewing options of video training. A video can be streamed online, integrated with your intranet communications, viewed on a smartphone, or shipped to each store on DVD to be played on a TV or computer.

We have helped many leading retailers reduce shrink, explain risk management, identify and communicate best operational practices, and welcome new hires. We are ready to help you with whatever your needs may be in the realm of video production.