A brilliant strategy is not enough to produce the business results you seek. If your strategy is not executed by the employees on the front lines of your operation, there is little chance of achieving the results you desire. In order to execute your strategy, your people have to know what to do, why it matters, and why they should engage.

We provide training and awareness solutions focused on retail loss prevention, safety, and operational excellence that are designed to meet the challenges of improving execution, reducing losses, and mitigating risk and liability exposures. We offer our clients:

  • In-depth subject matter expertise and experience
  • Program assessment, benchmarking, and gap analysis
  • Utilization of accepted Human Performance Technology (HPT) methodologies, instructional systems design, training principles, and communication processes
  • Training and communication campaigns with cutting-edge originality and graphic design
  • Project management and execution excellence
  • Technology such as video, e-learning, and web-based tracking
  • In-depth subject matter expertise and experience

Who do you trust to assist you with your training, performance, and awareness objectives – someone who understands your business, your issues, and your challenges or a “sales rep”? Our twenty plus years of experience in retail loss prevention give us an unrivaled understanding of the issues you face and the ability to learn the nuances and unique risks in your business.