Pre-Employment Screening Practices in the Retail Sector

The number of employers who conduct pre-employment background checks on job applicants has increased
dramatically in recent years. Many studies attribute the increase to 9/11, corporate corruption scandals such
as Enron and WorldCom, and increased litigation costs and jury awards for negligent hiring. Other
influential factors are turnover, recruitment costs, absenteeism and resume/application fraud. This survey
focuses on the current pre-employment background screening processes used in the retail industry.
An effective program relies on multiple screening methods to ensure relevant information about an
applicant is reviewed before he/she is placed on payroll. Screening processes such as assessments, drug tests,
criminal history checks, and mutual associations should be considered when developing or reviewing a
pre-employment screening program. Several of the surveyed companies have developed a tiered screening
process with increasing costs as the applicant passes each level of the hiring process.

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Pre-Employment Screening Practices in the Retail Sector
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