Ethics & Compliance

Going global may not mean just Business As Usual.

Until now, a comprehensive travel and entertainment policy and a business ethics code of conduct were all you needed to protect your company and your associates. In today’s expanded global economy, a simple policies and procedures manual will no longer suffice.

Each country has its own set of acceptable business practices, customs, and regulations. US and other world governments now require companies to train employees on proper ethical behavior and reinforce these same expectations for all related parties. Stricter adherence to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act will place a greater responsibility on companies doing business globally. Other governments will likely follow suit in this arena, possibly with even stricter requirements.

With a Global Ethics program you can ensure that your employees and related parties understand that doing business in China or India is different from business in Europe or the Americas. We tailor ethics training programs to accommodate the countries and type of business you will be practicing. Our ultimate goal is to give companies the ability to mitigate serious potential penalties for failure to act in compliance with the regulations.

PCG Solutions has extensive knowledge of, and contacts in, various countries around the world and can help with your transition. Discover how to put our experience to work for you.