Consulting Practice

As the retail marketplace continues to become more challenging and operating results become ever more important, loss prevention organizations must learn to thrive on change and seek constant performance improvement. Successful change involves aligning an organization’s people, processes, resources, and technologies with its strategic intent – without compromising core responsibilities and performance.

Program Assessment

At PCG Solutions, we use a structured program assessment to measure company performance in key process areas and identify improvement opportunities. We can help you uncover leading practices that can drive better performance, assess program results and expenses, benchmark against other retail organizations, and identify performance gaps and help close them.

Organizational Strategy

Noted German writer and polymath, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, rightly observed “there is nothing so terrible as activity without insight.” At PCG Solutions, we work with retail organizations to help define strategic approaches to loss prevention that best fit their needs and context and support enterprise-level goals. Strategy must be more than simply having a mission statement.

Strategy cascades to operational objectives and tactics and must also identify a resource plan, change strategy, implementation plan, measurement mechanisms, and a focus on continuous improvement. We collaborate with your team and your key stakeholders to facilitate an organizational strategy that yields desired results, has clearly identified deliverables, and engages your people.

Global & International Issues

Whether it is the international expansion of retail operations, franchise agreements in foreign markets, or sourcing product in developing countries, retailers are increasingly finding themselves engaged in the global economy. With these new markets come new challenges. PCG’s knowledge and familiarity with international loss prevention issues can help you navigate these new challenges.

We have intimate knowledge of the global loss prevention market developed through extensive travel and networking within the US, Europe, Middle East, Far East, and South America, and we can advise you on the cultural, regulatory, and operational differences and challenges in new markets you may be exploring.

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