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Employee Theft Attitudes: A Disconnect with Management

After posting Lencioni’s column yesterday, I went back and reviewed some notes from a presentation I saw a couple of years ago in London by Martin Gill, one of the leading researchers in the area of loss prevention and security.  In this presentation, Gill was presenting the findings his firm, Perpetuity Group, found from offender interviews they had conducted.

When interviewed after the fact, employees who had been caught stealing from their employers typically had a “positive” or “very positive” attitude towards their employer and said they had good work relationships with colleagues.  However, their negative attitudes included the view that there was poor communication between managers – often putting them in the middle of conflicting direction – and that “managers and supervisors did not always appear to take security seriously.”

 This research echoes findings that Hollinger and Clark made over twenty years ago.  In this current economic cycle, when payroll is more constrained than ever and managers have more on their plate than ever, perhaps the greatest challenge that any loss prevention group could face is how to keep their front-line management teams engaged with their employees and creating an environment that encourages honesty and discourages theft.

Loss Prevention Research Council: Impact Workshop

I had a chance to attend the LPRC’s Fall Workshop hosted at the University of Florida last week.  This is a group of loss prevention professionals, solutions providers, and academics that have come together under Read Haye’s leadership to advance the research agenda for the retail loss prevention industry and help all of us make decisions based on science, not mythology.

The LPRC has already produced several studies and has results from over 350 research projects on their website.  This is the type of effort that I continue to believe needs to be supported by our industry associations such as RILA, NRF, FMI, and others.  If you are interested in finding out more information on the efforts of the LPRC, visit them at

Canadian Retailers Lose Over $3 Billion Annually to Crime

I was not able to get to this year’s Retail Council of Canada Loss Prevention Conference held last Tuesday in Toronto, but I heard great reviews of how well-organized and professionally it was run.  During the conference, a new Price Waterhouse Coopers survey (conducted in conjunction with the RCC) was released with the latest loss figures from Canada.  The details can be found at this link.

Further Details: Hayes Annual Theft Report

Last week, we posted the link for the most recent theft survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International.  In this link, Mark Doyle, the President of the firm, gives further details and insights into the data and statistics reported.

A Look at the Most Common Myths that Shoplifters Believe

Caroline Kochman, Executive Director of the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, has written an insightful column for the most recent RILA Asset Protection Report.  At NASP, they talk to thousands of shoplifters each year and you can read what they think at this link…

A Look At The Most Common Myths Shoplifters Believe