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Why is Candor So Hard for Managers?

From time to time, we post article links or commentary about general management skills and this short article from Talent Management is worth a read.  Honest, candid feedback on performance is such an important baseline for effective management and yet most managers in the workplace struggle with it.  Read the article here.

Data Mining Article

Here is a link to a good article in The Guardian, a British paper, about the use of data-mining in the fight against theft and fraud.  Data-mining is a hot topic in the U.K. and Europe as it really started to blossom there about five years ago and I would say they are a few years behind the U.S. in the adoption curve but I’m still surprised how many companies here in the states haven’t implemented a robust data-mining program.  Read the article here.

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

Here’s a link to a short column by Curtis Baillie about avoiding litigation in retail loss prevention.  Of course, most of our focus is on avoiding a bad stop at all costs through training, detailed policy and procedures, and the application of the “five steps” (sometimes six, depending on the retailer).  However, any of us who have been in this business for a long time, know that bad stops do occur.  Baillie suggests that admitting our mistake and apologizing might be the easiest way to avoid a lawsuit.

To most companies, this seems counterintuitive as they try desperately to avoid any acknowledgment of the mistake.  If they do make a statement that somewhat resembles an apology, it is usually in the form of “We regret that you had an experience in our store that did not meet your expectations..” or some other corporate gobbly-gook.  But, an apology is sometimes the easiest way to end the incident without litigation.  Check out Baillie’s column here.

Police Arrest “Power Seller” for $100k in Theft

This is just the type of case that makes retail companies concerned about online auction sites.  Police in Portland, OR arrested a local woman and recovered approximately $100,000 in designer goods, mostly purses, from her home.  Initial news reports allege this same woman is a “power seller” on ebay with a strong record of sales.  Read the article here.

Turn LP into a Profit Center

John Roach, Editor from Retail Solutions Online, was in Los Angeles for the National Retail Federation Loss Prevention Conference last week and has posted this article on his reaction to the sessions and discussions.  Read it here..