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NRF Panel Presentation – Positioning LP for the Economic Recovery

Last Monday, I had the pleasure of moderating a great panel of seasoned Loss Prevention executives at the National Retail Federation Loss Prevention Conference in Atlanta, GA.  Our discussion centered around where their thinking is on how they are positioning their departments for the upcoming year as the economy starts to recover, what they learned from the economic downturn, and what the new reality is from a budget and expense perspective.

Our panelists were Jeff Fulmer from Barnes & Noble, Bob Serenson from Duane Reed, Keith White from The Gap, and Bill Titus from Sears Holding Corp.  In addition, we had years of experience in the audience of approximately 200 professionals and were able to get them involved in asking questions of the panel.  SecurityInfoWatch did a brief recap here and the NRF blogged on this session here.  Thanks go out to the panelists for their willingness to put themselves on the hot spot and share their insights.

Pennsylvania Passes ORC Bill

The Pennsylvania Senate on May 26 passed legislation that would make it a felony to participate, in any capacity, in organized retail crime, a move that represents ongoing effort at the state level to battle ORC, a crime that often crosses state lines.  Read article at Security Director News here.

ECR Europe Seminar – 18 May 2010

The ECR Europe Shrinkage Group has announced an upcoming one-day seminar on “Cooling the Risk of Hot Products.”  This seminar will be held on Tuesday, 18th May 2010, at the Sheraton Hotel at the Brussels Airport, Belgium.  For more information, see the ECR Hot Products Seminar brochure.

Learning How to Manage Aggression

We received a press release from the folks over at the Center for Aggression Management, a third-party vendor who specializes in workplace violence, bullying, etc.  While we don’t have any personal experience with this group, they have an interesting blog at

FBI Connects to LERPnet

Last week, the NRF announced that LERPnet is now directly available to the FBI.  This has been one of the goals for LERPnet since early in its inception.  It will be interesting to see how it is used and where successes come from with this new availability.  It would be my guess that one of the benefits will be that when an ORC gang is apprehended, law enforcement will be able to look at other incidents they might be involved in ex post facto.

Read the announcment here.