Technology Solutions

Technological advances are rapidly changing the way that we obtain news and information. Loss prevention and employee training programs need to keep pace. Additionally, generational differences may dictate the methods you use to communicate with various employee segments. Traditional print materials, video programs, and web-based services all have their place in today’s learning environment.

We have developed exciting new mobile and smartphone applications to help you reinforce your monthly or quarterly LP campaigns and messages. PCG’s e-learning applications measure employee participation and knowledge retention, as well as the program’s effectiveness, in a simple, easy, and enjoyable new format.

Utilizing the associated databases to supply metrics to your company’s management, we can efficiently track and measure several data points, including:

  • Number of employees who took the test
  • Average number of correct answers
  • Identification of possible training weaknesses
  • Which locations demonstrated the greatest comprehension
  • Retention of key message points
  • Measuring the most effective tool (such as poster vs table-topper)

By reviewing employee participation and the effectiveness of your message, you can tailor future messages to be even more effective, thus saving you time, effort and money.

Let PCG Solutions arrange a demonstration for you to show how technology can further advance your loss prevention message!