What Makes a Program Effective?

An effective training and awareness program is more than just a pretty poster or a clever phrase. It incorporates subject matter expertise, proven performance models and processes, understanding your target audience, and consistent and seamless execution and delivery.  At PCG Solutions, we are more than just a graphic shop to create stock posters; we work with you to develop materials customized to your specific culture and demographic which engage your associates, thus lowering shrink and reducing accidents.

Program assessment, benchmarking, and gap analysis

Our first step in working with you is to assess your current programs, routines, and communication modalities along with learning about your target audience and how their attitudes and opinions exist in the current state and will affect the change strategy needed to influence their behavior and performance in the future. We can also assist you in benchmarking your programs and issues against other retailers and identify specific performance gaps you want to close.

Human Performance Technology methodologies, instructional systems design, training principles, and communication processes

We have extensive training and experience with training and HPT methodologies and will employ this knowledge and industry research to make your delivery mechanisms more effective. We are actively involved in the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD), the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), and the Society for Human Resources Development (SHRM).

Training & communication campaigns with cutting-edge originality and graphic design

Leader’s guides, communication centers, recognition cards, new hire training programs, incentive prizes, table talkers, train the trainer programs… the list of possible elements and modalities is nearly endless. We will work with you to identify the elements that will be most successful in your environment and budget and then create a branding, look, and feel to your program that will ensure a positive reception from your target audience.