Q: Do you provide investigation services?

A: No, we do not do any work on investigations, integrity shopping services, background screening, or loss prevention auditing. However, if you are looking for service providers in this area to the retail segment, we would be happy to recommend some organizations that you could contact for further information.


Q: I was recently stopped, accused, or arrested for shoplifting and have questions about what I should do now, or feel I was treated unfairly. Can you help me?

A: Feel free to use our site to review the laws that apply to shoplifting in your state, but we do not provide any advice or legal consultation to individuals in your situation. We suggest you visit the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention site to review their information as well. If you feel you were treated unlawfully, you may wish to contact a legal attorney for further discussion.


Q: I am new to the Loss Prevention industry and want to improve my skills and knowledge. Can you recommend any resources to me?

A: To learn more about this industry, we recommend several resources that will help.  First, visit LP Magazine’s web site at www.LPportal.com. You can sign up for the magazine, their newsletters, and also read their archives. Second, go to www.LossPreventionFoundation.org and check out their resources, including their certification programs. Finally, visit www.LPjobs.com to see the types of positions that are available in this industry, review job descriptions, and see what skills and qualifications employers are looking for when hiring.