Your Most Valuable Resource..

At the recent RILA Loss Prevention Conference, we finished with my session on “Survival Skills in the Era of Doing More with Less.”  In this session, we spent quite a bit of time discussing the importance of knowing where you and your team spend their time.  Almost everyone has a perception of where they spend their time based on their mental model of where they should spend it, but many are shocked when they actually track their time. 

For example, I shared some data from one organization that discovered one of their field positions spent approximately 50 days a year on conference calls.  Think about that statistic, that is 20% of their total available time for the year and does not include other meetings, email, other calls, etc.  And, this is a field based position. 

Is this unusual?  There is a good article over at Fast Company about how much time process activities can account for in organizations.  For instance, Boston Consulting Group studies show that “ the most complicated organizations, managers spend 40 percent of their time writing reports and 30 percent to 60 percent of it in coordination meetings.”

Do you know where your people really spend their time?

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