Organizational Alignment for Loss Prevention

At the recent FMI Asset Protection conference in New Orleans, I had a chance to address the group on the issue of how Loss Prevention groups align themselves, or don’t, with the overall organization and senior management.  I’ve written on this topic on several other occassions and believe that it continues to be a critical issue for all retailers.

In preparation for this event, I was able to work with Rhett Asher at FMI to conduct an exclusive survey on this topic.  We asked both senior Loss Prevention executives and CEO’s/Senior Management to give their views on how well their Loss Prevention group integrates into the overall mission of the company and where focus and improvement needs to occur.  We were pleased to get good participation from both groups and the findings contained both good news and also some indicators of opportunity for us.

In general, senior executives believed that the Loss Prevention was critical to their company’s success and that they were doing a pretty good job, although not as good of a job as Loss Prevention executives rated their own group.  However, senior executives tended to have a fairly narrow view of critical focus areas which might indicate some failure on our part to communicate the broad range of value and contribution we make to ther organization.

In upcoming months, look for an article in LP Magazine where we will give the detailed results of the survey and some ideas on how to improve organizational alignment with the enterprise.

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