Measuring the ROI of Training Programs

There is a good article over on about measuring the ROI on investments in training.  As I’ve written about before, there are some landmark research studies out there that show a correlation between a company’s investment in training and their stock performance.  Additionally, this article gives several anecdotal examples of strong correlations between training and ROI.  Now, that is not to say that all training has a positive ROI.  There are some absolutely awful training programs in corporate America that have no impact on results whatsoever.  But, there seems to be strong evidence that well-done training on key performance deliverables makes a difference.

However, to effectively measure these results, some effort has to be put in place and many companies simply aren’t willing to track the results.  In an upcoming video blog, I’ll explain how training programs can be evaluated for effectiveness and point out that most evaluation is done at a relatively simplistic level.

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