National Retail Security Survey – 2009

The final report for the 2009 National Retail Security Survey has been published.  As previewed at this year’s NRF Loss Prevention Conference, the shrink results from this report are tied at an all-time low of 1.44% of sales.  Despite the “sky is falling” mentality reflected in many articles and press releases over the past year and a half, retailers are actually seeing a decrease in shrinakge.  This mirrors what I’ve been hearing from loss prevention executives across the retail spectrum and what I predicted in our NRF panel this year the day before Dr. Hollinger released his preliminary report.

The last three years of this report reflect three lowest shrink figures in the eighteen years of this study.  Maybe it is time we start to celebrate some of the success we are seeing in our industry and take some of the credit?  What do you think?

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