Is Your Blackberry Lowering Your IQ?

A good article from over at the BusinessWeek site citing research that found that communication overload causes a professional’s IQ to drop 10 percentage points.  Our addiction to our emails, VM’s, text messages, tweets, Facebook and the like is dysfunctional on many levels, but perhaps none so insidious as growing inability to focus our undivided attention for more than a few minutes.

The issue used to be that when we were at home, we were thinking about what needed to be done at work and when we were working, we were thinking that we needed to be spending more time at home with the family.  But, now we feel like we have to be everywhere, all the time!  When we are on the cell phone, we are checking email.  While reading email, our phone alerts us that we have a text message.  When we are on Facebook, we feel like we need to keep tabs on LinkedIn and when we are at lunch with a colleague that we haven’t talked to for a few months, we are constantly checking our Blackberry.

Perhaps the future will belong to those who use all of these technologies but have the courage to do so on their own terms?  Read the article here.

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