Why We Hate HR

In 2005, the magazine Fast Company ran the article “Why We Hate HR” which, as you can probably guess from the title, delivered a virulent critique of the human resources industry.  Of course, it generated much debate and rebuttal from the HR world.  I share this because I have often said that many of the issues facing the HR industry are similar to ours.  As a member of SHRM, I get their industry publication and many of the concerns and issues in that magazine are ones we are familiar with – lack of budget, no “seat at the table,” etc.  Perhaps it is because we are both staff functions that are important to the business but not the core of the business.

I share this article with you not to make fun of HR, but as a cautionary tale for our own industry and profession.  While some of the criticisms in the article are specific to HR, many ring true for us.  For instance, have you ever heard the loss prevention function referred to as a “necessary evil”?  Well, then check out this article…


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