UK Retailers Do Not Need to License Their Proprietary Guards

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) in the United Kingdom has decided that licensing requirements currently in place for contracted security guards do not need to be extended to in-house security guards.  The British Retail Consortium (BRC) lobbied against the proposed extension as the retail marketplace is the largest employer of in-house security guards in the country.

In its report the SIA accepts BRC evidence that retailers have very good recruitment processes for security staff, including criminality checks and thorough training. The report has acknowledged that, “Quite often the training is to a much higher standard than the SIA approved training.”  British Retail Consortium Director General Stephen Robertson said: “The Government is right to reject licensing for in-house security guards. It would have piled new costs and bureaucracy on to hard-pressed retailers while adding nothing to public protection.  We told the SIA that licensing could not raise retailers’ standards for recruitment and training because they are already higher than the SIA requires. Its report rightly accepts this.


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