Research Poll: Americans Approve of Video Surveillance to Fight Terrorism

A recent Harris Poll survey indicates that 96 percent of U.S citizens feel the federal government and law enforcement agencies should be able to use video surveillance in an effort to counteract terrorism and help protect U.S. citizens in specific public places.

Four out of five adults feel that in extreme cases, such as a terrorist attack, the government should be able to use any available means to protect citizens, and more than half (54 percent) of U.S. adults are even willing to put a portion of the government’s stimulus funds toward setting up video surveillance to help reduce crime.   Read the full article here.

One Response to Research Poll: Americans Approve of Video Surveillance to Fight Terrorism
  1. Eric White
    November 18, 2009 | 3:27 PM

    Walter, Clearly our society is becoming more accepting of video surveillance systems. This is most likely because the application is becoming so widespread. From stoplight enforcement to the schools our kids attend, video surveillance is a part of our daily lives in America. We have nowhere near the level of use seen in the UK or some other countries, but it is a trend that will continue to grow. As long as retailers have clear guidelines on the application and shot placement, respect the laws and expectations of privacy, there should be no apprehension in continuing to enhance video systems. As a matter of fact, it could be argued that there is a growing expectation of retailer’s ability to produce video evidence upon demand. All the “CSI” type shows are creating a growing expectation that if anything happens, it will be recorded. Retailers should consider this growing expectation when designing and improving systems for their stores.
    As for the use in identifying and preventing terrorism, video along with a host of other investigative tools and techniques will need to be expanded and accepted to really make a difference. We will have to get comfortable with the perceived loss of privacy to gain real security. A trade I am more than willing to make. Thanks for the post!