Protecting Our Kids, But at What Cost?

We all want to protect our children, but what is the psychological and emotional costs for our worry?  A Columbine event is a tragedy, but isn’t the quest for absolute security fraught with its own dangers?  A bill was recently introduced in the New Jersey Senate that would require all public and nonpublic schools in the state to conduct monthly school security drills. If passed by the Senate, the bill would require students and faculty to practice emergency response procedures such as non-fire evacuation, lockdown and active shooter response drills. 

Assemblyman Frederick Scalera, a primary sponsor of the bill, said that all schools in the state are currently required to have an emergency security plan in place, but many school staff do not feel comfortable with the procedures. “The problem brought up to me by teachers was that they knew they had a plan, but they don’t have a drill [to practice it], or they only have a drill one time a year,” he said.

This bill would require all schools to conduct one school security drill a month along with one fire drill a month, he said. Currently, all schools are required to conduct two fire drills each month.

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