New Players on the Loss Prevention Team

During the panel presentation on “The Evolving Role of Loss Prevention,” one of the interesting points that came out of the discussion was that some loss prevention organizations are adding new players onto their team with specialist roles.  For instance, a few years ago Gap added a financial analyst to their team that came out of a pure financial background.  This position has been invaluable to them in analyzing programs, tests, and trials and helping analyze and build ROI scenarios.

Randy Meadows from Kohls spoke of how important one of his staff is who comes from an IT background.  This person is able to interface with IT, help the loss prevention group understand how their needs can or cannot be met with a technology solution, and can help LP with implementation.  I know of another retailer who has an IT person who actually does programming for loss prevention projects which enables them to get a program implemented without having to wait in the queue for traditional IT resources.

Another retailer there has had an attorney on staff in the loss prevention group for years who can be directly involved in the development of policy and procedures, negotiation of contracts, etc.  Many retailers have recruited people from operations to become District Loss Prevention Managers or other line roles in the LP function recognizing all the expertise they bring with them about the realities of running the retail operation.

None of these retailers are running away from loss prevention expertise or the core responsibilities that need to be addressed.  Rather, they recognize the value of putting some specialists on the team who can broaden their capabilities and improve their effectiveness.

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