Pandemic Planning: Swine Flu Could Infect Up to 50% of Population

Today’s homepage has the headline “Swine Flu could infect to half of population” as government agencies and the medical community work to increase awareness of the likely resurgence of H1N1 this Fall season.  Is your business taking steps to prepare for this issue?  Do you have a communication and education strategy in-place for your employees, contractors, and customers?  Are you availing yourself to the tremendous number of resources availabe at

There are no “magic bullets” in dealing with H1N1.  Yes, vaccinations should be available by mid-October but there could be significant spread of the flu by that time, especially with the return of children to schools.  Even when vaccines are available, priority will be given to at-risk individuals first.  In the meantime, routine and mundane steps like washing hands, covering coughs, and staying home when you are sick are the keys to prevention.  Employers can help the process along with things like communication, sick leave provisions, and hand sanitizer programs.

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