Organized Retail Crime (ORC) White Paper Released

The ASIS Foundation has released our white paper – Organized Retail Crime: Assessing the Risk and Developing Effective Strategies – and it is now available in print and on-line at this link.  This report is part of the Foundation’s CRISP series which stands for Connecting Research in Security to Practice.  In the course of putting this research together, we had the chance to not only review all the available literature on the issue, but also interview and visit with many of the leading retailers who consider this issue to be a key priority.  We also had the opportunity to speak with those retailers who do not consider ORC to be a major threat to their operation.

Over the course of the upcoming days, we will highlight some of the findings from the report, some of the unanswered questions from the research, and some ideas about what needs to be addressed on this issue going forward.

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