Organized Retail Crime (ORC) – Conference Events

Earlier this month, The Home Depot and Universal Surveillance co-hosted an ORC conference in Atlanta that drew about 200 attendees.  The conference was very well run and the facilities were simply outstanding.  There were two good presentations on pawn shop issues in Detroit and Connecticut, but two presentations really caught my attention.

First, Glenn Justice and Scott Sanford presented their approach to ORC at their organization, Barnes & Noble.  They have built an outstanding data mining tool to use with Ebay to identify potential high-dollar ORC sellers.  Combining this tool and other analysis tools, they are closing out major cases in two to three days through their unique approach.  It was really an insightful and provocative angle to address ORC.

Second, Paul Jones from Ebay was there and outlined their approach for improving partnership with the retail loss prevention community.  Many in our industry are doubtful about Ebay’s true intention, but Paul said all the right things and it seems to me that we, as an industry, should give him and Ebay a chance to work with us and then we can decide whether they are sincere or not.

In a few months, the Retailers Association of Massachusetts will be holding an ORC conference in Worcester, MA.  Approximately 300 people are expected to attend.  I hope to see you there!

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