The No-Cost Way to Motivate

 A manager’s genuine interest in employees’ lives pays off at every level, in every job

“One of the greatest causes of misery for employees is the feeling that the person they work for isn’t interested in who they are and what goes on in their lives, personally or professionally. Regardless of how much money people make and whether their jobs suit them, if they feel anonymous they’ll dread going to work—and return home deflated.”

Patick Lencioni has written a nice, straight to the point reminder for all of us about the important role an employee’s first line manager plays in their life.  This is important for us to remember as managers, but also critical for us to remember in how it impacts shortage, safety habits, and engagement in the workplace.  We can design every training and awareness program we can think of, but it all comes to nothing if not supported, reinforced, and breathed into life by our store management teams.  Read the full article here.

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