Local Ordinances Requiring Better Levels of Security

This short article about a proposed city ordinance in Mesa, AZ that would require “better” security prompted this post on the subject.  We have been seeing a trend over the past couple of years in this direction with local cities and municipalities considering and adopting ordinances requiring various security measures, often in the wake of a tragic and/or high profile incident.  These ordinances are usually directed at convenience stores, bars, and other “high risk” retail operations.  But, increasingly, we are seeing general retail mentioned as possible targets as was the case in Tinley Park, IL after the Lane Bryant shootings or in a couple of different Florida venues.

It seems as if public attitudes about CCTV usage have shifted from wary to welcome, at least when something bad happens.  Give us a call if you need other examples of local requirements for CCTV or other security measures.

One Response to Local Ordinances Requiring Better Levels of Security
  1. Jack Sink
    July 16, 2009 | 1:14 PM

    In retail we’re always price conscious, but this initiative is just the latest effort at offsetting the effects of doing only as much as wil “get us by” the immediate threat or mandate. Rather than analyze the risk, establish specification, detail deployment standards and measure impact many operators simply default to pursuing minimal equipment, at lowest quality to obtain the lowest investment possible. For that, professional LP organizations pay the price every time grainy, unuseable incident video gets publicized.