Industry Research

As a follow-up to Friday’s post about the need to understand theory as a foundation for what we do in practice, we thought it would be helpful to highlight a few organizations and individuals who are doing research work and studies in our industry.  We have listed a few below and added permanent links to them on our links page.

  • Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) – Led by Read Hayes, this group of retailers have come together to develop a research agenda on practical issues that retail LP executives make decisions on all the time, often without enough data.  The goal of this group is to conduct studies and research that inform the decision making process with data.
  • ECR Europe Workgroup on Shrinkage – With Colin Peacock from P&G as a strong advocate and Adrian Beck from University of Leicester as the leading researcher, this group has done some great work in exploring key issues around shortage and have had some great success stories in implementing their Shrinkage Roadmap in the real-world with outstanding results.  Some of the studies that have been produced under this group’s auspices can be found at the PCG Solutions website.
  • Dr. Richard Hollinger, University of Florida – Perhaps best known for producing the National Retail Security Survey (NRSS), Dr. Hollinger has been a leading voice for retail loss prevention and assets protection over the past twenty years.  In addition to the NRSS, Dick’s research on applied topics such as employee theft attitudes and dishonesty in the workplace has been the foundation for much of our thinking around these issues.
  • Martin Gill, Perpetuity Group – Martin has played a key role in producing original research in the area of security, policing, and loss prevention and is the chair of the ASIS Research Council.  Gill has published 13 books and over 100 articles on a wide range of subjects of interest to those of us in this field.
  • PCG Solutions, Inc. – We have conducted both informal surveys and more in-depth research into areas of interest to retail loss prevention.  Surveys on pre-employment screening and inventory counting practices in the retail sector can be found on our website.  We have just finished a white paper that will be published in the upcoming months in the ASIS CRISP series.  We are also about to release a case study, done in conjunction with Adrian Beck, on the importance of visual cues for deterrence when using EAS.

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