The 3 Habits of Highly Irritating Management Gurus

This article takes a critical look at the business self-help genre and its visible “gurus.”  According to the article, these writers tend to have three characteristics in common. Lousy leadership “gurus” are marked by a tendency to overstate the newness of their ideas, a fondness for naming “model” companies and a willingness to market various “tools” that purport to reduce leadership to a few easy steps. “If management could indeed be reduced to a few simple principles, then we would have no need for management thinkers,” the author writes.

While I would not dismiss their work out of hand, as this article does, it is an interesting phenomonen that business leaders flock to the same well-worn management principles time after time after time.  It seems there is serious money to be made by taking a timeless principle and using a new metaphor.  The more simplistic you make it, the better.  If you write it as a parable (think Who Moved My Cheese) that is the best!  Perhaps that is why you can find legions of folks who have read The One-Minute Manager but hardly a soul who has read Drucker’s The Effective Executive or The Practice of Management

Read the full article at The Economist.

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