Closing time staffing?

I had a call today from a colleague who asked what stance retail organizations are taking in regard to closing time staff, especially in a small-box, specialty environment.  Historically, many companies have had firm policies in place that require at least two members of staff to be present for closing time hours due to concerns over potential risks.  This would include the risks of robbery either in the store or parking lot, assaults or muggings when staff leaves the store, and the risk of employee theft if only one employee is present at closing time and has free run of the store.

Of course, the current retail and economic situation is putting tremendous pressure on payroll budgets and it is not surprising that nighttime staffing is being closely scrutinized.  I’d be interested in what stance your organization has taken on this issue.  And, if any of you have gone to single coverage at closing, I’d welcome your insight as to whether you have seen more incidents of concern.  What steps have you taken to mitigate the risk?  If you want to weigh in, you can post a comment or, to share privately, email me at

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