Canadian Retailers Lose Over $3 Billion Annually to Crime

I was not able to get to this year’s Retail Council of Canada Loss Prevention Conference held last Tuesday in Toronto, but I heard great reviews of how well-organized and professionally it was run.  During the conference, a new Price Waterhouse Coopers survey (conducted in conjunction with the RCC) was released with the latest loss figures from Canada.  The details can be found at this link.

One Response to Canadian Retailers Lose Over $3 Billion Annually to Crime
  1. pos pat
    February 3, 2010 | 3:46 AM

    Checked out that link….

    While I wasn’t surprised to hear of the overall amount of “retail shrinkage” that goes on, I was shocked to hear that the largest percentage of theft comes from the employees.

    Seems to me like it would easier to control the employees behavior in this regard using tight inventory control and a zero-tolerance of “mysterious inventory shortfalls” than it would be to stop the anonymous criminals.